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What if you've hired the wrong person?
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Finding the missing piece
Do you ever feel like you are missing a piece of the puzzle in your hiring process? View PDF>>

Dispatcher Recruiting: Asset or Liability?
Take some time to review your advertisement and make sure the message you are communicating is the message you intend to communicate… View PDF>>

Personality vs Behavior
There are many perceptions out there regarding personality and behaviorally based testing. While it may be very important to know what type of personality an individual can bring to an organization, it will not lead towards any consistency in performance. View PDF>>

Ascension Parish Gets a Handle on Hiring
CASE STUDY: When Ascension Parish had difficulty hiring the right people for their communication center, they turned to Select Advantage for help… View PDF>>

Operator Training
You can't take an average employee and make him exceptional with training…They have to bring something to the equation. View PDF>>

Driver Hiring
It doesn’t have to be a necessary evil anymore…Does the thought of having to hire another driver give you anxiety? View PDF>>

Wanted: A Quality Employee
As today’s market spurs more job seekers, weeding through the growing pool of candidates for the model employee can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. View PDF>>

Urban Transport News
Select Unveils New Tool to Help Transit Agencies Hire Best Workers… View PDF>>