If the Job Fits...

teamHow do you know who will be a good match for your corporate culture and the expectations of the job? When it comes to hiring and promotions, you don’t want to force a “fit” that is uncomfortable for both the applicant and the rest of the organization.   Finding the right fit is not as easy as trying on a pair of shoes or a new coat, but it can be done if you look at more than just experience and skills. The best tool for matching an individual’s characteristics and motivations to the behaviors needed for the job is to conduct a behavioral interview.

If you have never conducted a behavioral interview before, or if you believe your interviews may be missing some key factors, there are specific steps you may need to take. The outcome of the behavioral interview will provide you with essential insight into whether or not an applicant has what it takes to be successful on the job. The method for creating a behavioral interview is as follows:

  1. 1. Think carefully and specifically about what the employee should be doing in this position. Craft a job description based on these exact processes (use existing people on the job to help you create this).
  2. 2. Consider employees who have been successful in the same position: what are their characteristics and traits? These behaviors will be your model.
  3. 3. Refine the list of key traits so that it is narrowed down the most important and universal characteristics you would want to see in an employee in this position.
  4. 4. Using these key traits as your guide, create a list of questions to be asked in the interview which will enable you to evaluate the presence of these qualities.
  5. 5. Create a job advertisement being sure to use words from your list of key traits and the job description for the position.
  6. 6. Review applications you receive to see which candidates seem to match to the key traits.
  7. 7. Schedule interviews based on those you feel have the most potential to match the behaviors for the job.
  8. 8. Narrow your list of candidates based on their responses to the behavior questions asked in your interview.

When you consider job fit as part of your hiring or promotional process, and not just experience, skills, or education, you will be able to see the big picture. No matter how skilled or experienced an applicant is, if there is not a match between their behavior and the behaviors needed for success in the job, you are going to find yourself in a difficult situation. You will struggle with wanting the employee to meet your expectations, and the employee will struggle with being uncomfortable with expectations that don’t match their natural behaviors.

The good news is - there is a “direct route”. Select Advantage has done the hard work for you. Utilizing top performing employees and their managers from multiple agencies, we have researched to find the behaviors that characterize an outstanding employee in their specific field. Having done this, we are able to provide you with easy to administer assessments, interview guides, and performance evaluations based on these traits.

Our assessments allow applicants to judge themselves against the behaviors required for success in the job, so that they are either including or excluding themselves as job candidates. They select the options which best describe them and their behaviors, and you are able to know immediately how closely they match the traits of an outstanding employee in that same position. Our behaviorally based interview guides help your hiring process stay focused on these behaviors, and our performance evaluations will reinforce the correct behaviors after you have them on the job.

Select Advantage offers you the opportunity to try our assessments for free with your current employees. This Pilot Study will enable us to show you just how we pinpoint your elite employees. Contact us today for more information on any of our job-specific assessments at 1-800-377-0554 or visit www.selectadv.net.