Four Quick Tips for Finding the Best Job Candidates

Your hiring/promotional process should screen IN the top candidates out of your applicant pool. You can find quality talent and people who are going to stay with your organization long term. When was the last time you evaluated your hiring/promotional process and gave it a “tune up”? Here are some quick tips that may help get you on your way to finding your next top performer:

  1. 1. Start with a well-defined job description. The job description for the positions within your organization should be up to date and a clear reflection of what the job entails. When was the last time the job description was updated? What has changed since then? Consider factors such as: the company culture, expectations, responsibilities, opportunities for growth, changes in technology and knowledge requirements, and the role of the job within the greater community.
  2. 2. Create a profile of your top performing employees in the position you are hiring for. Within your current group of employees there are those whose performance outranks others. An accurate understanding of what exactly these top performers have in common, and what is missing from those who struggle in the position, will help you to look for those qualities among your applicant pool.
  3. 3. Run an ad that sells the position. What is it about this job that makes it important and a vital part of the organization and/or community? What type of satisfaction does it offer to potential employees? What kind of person would find this job fulfilling? “Selling” the job can open up your applicant pool to new talent who may not have considered the position previously. Finding good people is a two way street: they need to prove they can do the job and you need to prove the job is worth doing.
  4. 4. Select your best candidates and utilize reliable assessment tools. Pre-employment assessments that help you find those who fit the profile of a successful employee will enable you to screen in those applicants most likely to be outstanding in the job! Use the assessment tools to determine the applicants you should invite to proceed in the hiring process.

At Select Advantage we specialize in helping you find top talent among applicants, thus increasing your workplace productivity and employee retention. Our job specific pre-employment assessments have already profiled top performers across multiple organizations. Our tests give you a clear idea of an applicant’s match to those job specific “success attributes” and job fit in a single, easy to administer test. Contact us to find out how we can maximize your next hiring or promotional process.