Eric Wolf

“We have been using the Select Advantage assessment for over a year now and are very pleased with the results we have seen.  One of the main reasons we chose your program was how specific your assessments were to the Transit Industry.  The fact that they are measuring behaviors has helped us hire the right people to fit our organization and our culture.  The Select Advantage assessment is an important component in our hiring process and we would recommend this program to any transit agency that wants to improve the quality of their hiring.” 

Eric Wolf, General Manager

Frank Poulsen

“Clallam Transit System made use of Select Advantage’s Transit Supervisor assessment when filling our latest supervisor opening. The results of that assessment, coupled with other selection criteria, helped us to select a candidate that has performed very well. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the results from the testing, and if this assessment had not been used, it is possible that we might have made a mistake and chosen the wrong candidate. The test sheets were faxed to Select Advantage and the results were returned in a matter of hours. The situational questions in the assessment were excellent. We were very satisfied with the format of the testing and the quick return of the results.  We plan on using this assessment again in the future.”

Frank Poulsen, Operations Manager
Clallam Transit System

Mark Johnson

“…I am a firm believer that the work done prior to hiring individuals for a position pays off with a better employee who is more suited for the position. The assessments that Select Advantage has developed gives us an important tool to assist us in making better hiring decisions. It gives us very good information about a person’s ability to perform at the level needed to be good at the particular position. I feel like I have a much fuller understanding of a person’s capability prior to making the hiring decision. The people we have hired using these assessments have proven to be top performers. Hiring employees who are not suited for the position costs agencies thousands of dollars a year. The Select assessments give us the tools necessary to minimize bad hiring choices.”

Mark Johnson, Director of Transit Operations
Lane Transit District