Team Building Testimonials


"I thought the Flag Page training went great. There was a lot of buzz afterwards and I had several staff come down to my office to debrief, which was a very positive experience.  Several shared that they went to lunch together and talked about the “ah ha” moments they each received. This group has been hard to crack and I am very pleased with the great response!  Thank you again for helping us think beyond ourselves."

- Jared, Manager in Clark County, WA


"Our team was surprised at how simple this process was.  They found this type of assessment and training to be very valuable, particularly in understanding and accepting differences with their co-workers.  We fully intend to add this training to our staff development for the coming year as well as our new hire orientation."

-Erika, Large Veterinary Hospital in Southern California


Ned Horton

“An excellent team building activity, the Flag Page Seminar served up the best of both worlds – entertaining and educational. Not only do you get a bigger picture of what drives you to succeed and where your talents lie, but it also provides insights into how you can better relate to others, especially our customers.”

-Ned Horton, The Horton Group - Nashville, TN