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The highly successful “Team Building with the Flag Page” training will demonstrate how to incorporate a simple and powerful way to truly understand yourself and others. Currently used by the Army Special Forces Training, the Flag Page is based on the concept that we all need to discover what best motivates ourselves and others in order to get the most out of any team.

While most other self-evaluation programs or personality profiles can be quite complex, the Flag Page is a simple and easy tool that helps people get it right, get it done, get along and have fun doing it.

This training is designed to help you better understand how to successfully interact with co-workers, customers and those you value in your personal life.

The test is simple and easy but the results are remarkable. Participants will quickly receive an online array of information about themselves and what they are passionate about in life.

How it works:

 Participants will receive:

  •    • Flag Page code to be used to complete their Flag Page
  •    • Team Building with the Flag Page workbook
  •    • 2 hours of training by a certified Flag Page instructor (4 hour blocks of training are also

 The Team Leader will receive:

  •    • A summary of all team members Flag Pages
  •    • A guide to incorporate new team members
  •    • How to use the Flag Page in an annual performance review

Seminars can be conducted with either a live instructor on site or via webinar, and we can accommodate any size audience.

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