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Select Advantage is an innovative consulting firm headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. The principals of Select Advantage combined have over 110 years of experience in the areas of Test Development, Consulting, Hiring, and Training. Currently, we serve clients all over the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Select Advantage partners with its clients to ensure their human capital practices are compliant, relevant and strategic. We foster cross-functional team collaboration between executives, operations, legal, and human resources personnel to maximize human capital programs and initiatives.

Our job specific assessments use cutting-edge testing technology to assist with employee selection, placement, promotion and hiring. The behaviors most vital to the organization’s success form the standard for selection and placement of workers. This causes dramatic and positive effects on employee turnover, absenteeism, trainability, retention, morale and overall effectiveness. The strength behind our pre-employment assessments is the fact that they are so very job specific. This allows organizations a unique advantage when it comes to matching applicants to likely success in the job as well as providing valuable legal protection.

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