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Foodservice Transportation Supervisor Sample Questions

For the purposes of this test, the mission of a Transportation Supervisor is:

“To train and develop delivery drivers: making it possible to provide customers with quality service and complete on-time deliveries, while also meeting company objectives.”

Interest & Willingness Samples:

This questionnaire lists working conditions which you must accept to become a Transportation Supervisor.  Some people find supervisor work is not for them because of one or more of these conditions.  Successful Transportation Supervisors find these work conditions acceptable; some supervisors enjoy these conditions.

Use the following scale to show which statement best describes you:

A.    I would enjoy this work condition and I have done this before.
B.    I am willing to accept this work condition and I have done this before.
C.    I would enjoy this work condition but I have never done this before.
D.    I am willing to accept this work condition but I have never done this before.
E.    I am not willing to accept this work condition.

1.  Ability to work in a team environment; able to interact with all departments; ability to treat everyone equally
       A B C D E

2.  Give others an opportunity to excel; enjoys seeing others succeed; is able to provide tasks where people can succeed
      A B C D E

3.  Accountable; accept the responsibility for others actions; not pass the buck; takes ownership for actions/tasks
      A B C D E

Self-Rating Checklist Samples:

The following checklist has pairs of statements which describe people.  In some cases you may feel that both statements describe you, but we want you to choose from the two items in each pair, the one which best describes you.

1.  A.    Can work independently
     B.    Able to set the example

2.  A.    Is able to make a decision
     B.    Makes time for employees

3.  A.    Willing to care about the best interests of the company
     B.    Is able to separate friendship from business

Critical Incident Sample Questions:

This test is a select sample of situations which Transportation Supervisors must be capable of handling.  Each item represents an actual critical incident that a supervisor either excelled or failed in the performance of the job.  This test exposes you to those situations which make a significant difference in a Transportation Supervisor’s job performance and effectiveness.  Your choice of action reveals your readiness and potential to perform supervisor work.

1.    A driver has complained to you about the way the warehouse has been loading trailers.  The driver tells you the warehouse management does not know their job and trailers are loaded wrong.  What action should you take?

A.    Explain to the driver that you do not control what the warehouse does and to deal with it as a team player.
B.    Arrange a meeting with warehouse management where this driver can tell them about the problem.
C.    Listen to the driver’s complaints and if his/her concerns are valid, present them to the warehouse management.
D.    Explain to the driver that the warehouse can not load every trailer to everyone’s liking.
E.    Ask the driver to show the warehouse how to load the trailer.

2.    You have switched a driver’s route due to another driver calling in sick.  Although the driver knows the route well, the driver does not want to run the route.  How should you deal with this situation?

A.    Refer the driver’s refusal to your supervisor before making a decision.
B.    Explain that it is only for one day and try to make the driver feel important.
C.    Give the driver’s route back and find another driver who will do this route.
D.    Suspend the driver for the day and find another driver to do the route.
E.    Give the driver a verbal warning about obeying your orders.

3.    Your supervisor has given you the task of consolidating runs to reduce cost.  How should you approach this task?

A.    Get input from sales people and other dispatchers before developing your plan.
B.    Ask your supervisor to assign a task force of sales people and dispatchers to come up with a plan.
C.    Assign a task force of drivers to come up with a plan for your review before presenting your plan to your supervisor.
D.    Study the runs yourself and present your plan to the sales people and other dispatchers for their input.
E.    Study the runs yourself and produce a plan for your supervisors.


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