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Foodservice Warehouse Supervisor Sample Questions

For the purposes of this test, the mission of a Warehouse Supervisor is:

“To satisfy the needs of customers, subordinates, management and community through guidelines with respect to safety, service levels, quality and performance.”

Interest & Willingness Samples:

This questionnaire lists working conditions which you must accept to become a Warehouse Supervisor.  Some people find supervisor work is not for them because of one or more of these conditions.  Successful Warehouse Supervisors find these work conditions acceptable; some supervisors enjoy these conditions.

Use the following scale to show which statement best describes you:

A.    I would enjoy this work condition and I have done this before.
B.    I am willing to accept this work condition and I have done this before.
C.    I would enjoy this work condition but I have never done this before.
D.    I am willing to accept this work condition but I have never done this before.
E.    I am not willing to accept this work condition.

1.  Able to train others; can give clear organized instruction
      A B C D E

2.  Able to promote good morale
      A B C D E

3.  Desire to maintain a high level of productivity and service
      A B C D E

Self-Rating Checklist Samples:

The following checklist has pairs of statements which describe people.  In some cases you may feel that both statements describe you, but we want you to choose from the two items in each pair, the one which best describes you.

1.  A.    Has good physical ability
     B.    Is willing to document what one has done

2.  A.    Is able to pace oneself for hard physical labor
     B.    Is able to see the big picture

3.  A.    Has desire to maintain high levels of productivity
     B.    Is able to receive criticism

4.  A.    Has knowledge of who one’s customer is
     B.    Has desire to look at different ways of doing things

Critical Incident Sample Questions:

This test is a select sample of situations which Warehouse Supervisors must be capable of handling.  Each item represents an actual critical incident that a Warehouse Supervisor either excelled or failed in the performance of the job.  This test exposes you to those situations which make a significant difference in a supervisor’s job performance and effectiveness.  Your choice of action reveals your readiness and potential to perform supervisor work.

1.    It is going to be a very long busy night.  There is much more work to be done than your crew has time to do.  How can you best manage your crew tonight?

A.    Pull orders with your crew to motivate them and help get the work out.
B.    Hold a pep talk at the beginning of the shift and get everyone pumped up to work hard.
C.    Let your crew know it will be a long busy night and stay out of everyone’s way.
D.    Tell your crew you expect a lot of work out of them tonight and that you will be watching everyone very closely.
E.    Ask your best selectors to speed up and supervise your low performers very closely.

2.    Your shift has been ranked number one in safety for the first time ever.  How should you tell your crew of their achievement?

A.    Personally tell each member of your crew they made number one..
B.    Tell your best workers they made number one and let them spread the good news to the rest of your crew.
C.    Tell your crew they made number one and you will expect them to keep up the good work.
D.    Tell your crew they made number one and do something special for the whole crew.
E.    Tell your crew they made number one and do something special for your best workers.

3.    One of your best workers wants to improve.  He tells you he is not happy with just being good.  He wants to be the best.  How should you deal with this worker?

A.    Ask your supervisor for advice on how to deal with this worker.
B.    Help this worker improve his job skills by assigning only the hardest jobs.
C.    Assure the worker he is already very good and that he will improve with time.
D.    Make sure this worker is aware of all training opportunities.
E.    Help the worker set and work towards higher work goals.


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