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Foodservice Delivery Driver Sample Questions

For the purposes of this test, the mission of a Delivery Driver is:

“To safely and efficiently deliver merchandise and services to customers through a commitment to excellence which ensures the customers’ and company’s continued success and growth.”

Interest & Willingness Samples:

This questionnaire lists working conditions which you must accept to become a Delivery Driver.  Some people find truck driving work is not for them because of one or more of these conditions.  Successful Delivery Drivers find these work conditions acceptable; some drivers enjoy these conditions.

Use the following scale to show which statement best describes you:

A.    I would enjoy this work condition and/or it clearly describes me.
B.    I am willing to accept this work condition.
C.    I am not willing to accept this work condition.

1.    Able to keep records and complete the paperwork accurately
        A.  Would Enjoy    B.  Willing    C.  Not willing

2.    Able to communicate customers’ needs to management
        A.  Would Enjoy    B.  Willing    C.  Not willing

3.    Able to stay on schedule; punctual; sense of urgency with desire to maintain one’s schedule
        A.  Would Enjoy    B.  Willing    C.  Not willing

Self-Rating Checklist Samples:

The following checklist has pairs of statements which describe people.  In some cases you may feel that both statements describe you, but we want you to choose from the two items in each pair, the one which best describes you.

1.  A.    Has knowledge of yard procedures
     B.    Is self-motivated

2.  A.    Has knowledge of truck routes
     B.    Has professionalism

3.  A.    Is willing to perform above the call of duty when required
     B.    Is willing to work variable hours per week

4.  A.    Has knowledge of fuel island procedures
     B.    Is able to get along with one’s supervisors

Critical Incident Sample Questions:

This test is a select sample of situations which Delivery Drivers must be capable of handling.  Each item represents an actual critical incident that a driver either excelled or failed in the performance of the job.  This test exposes you to those situations which make a significant difference in a Delivery Driver’s job performance and effectiveness.  Your choice of action reveals your readiness and potential to perform Delivery Driver work.

1.    Another Delivery Driver has asked you to switch backhauls.  The other driver has some good reasons why you should switch backhauls, but this is not what dispatch has set up.  You should:

A.    Refuse to switch backhauls with the other driver.
B.    Switch backhauls with the driver and inform dispatch about the switch.
C.    Inform dispatch of the reasons for switching backhauls but return your backhaul as dispatch has set it up.
D.    Switch backhauls with the other driver.
E.    Inform dispatch of the reasons for switching backhauls and request that you be allowed to switch backhauls with the other driver.

2.    A customer will not sign his bill until he has checked each item on the pallet.  You have several other stores to deliver to and this will put you behind schedule.  You should:

A.    Ask to get some help to speed up the process.
B.    Tell the customer they have 48 hours to call in any errors and ask them to sign the bill now so you can stay on schedule with the other stores.
C.    Help the customer check each item on the pallet.
D.    Tell the customer he is wasting your time but patiently wait for them to check each item.
E.    Go ahead and deliver to the other stores and pick up the signed bill next time you come by the store.

3.    A store has received a product which they did not order and do not want. The store’s manager wants you to return the product to the warehouse.  You should:

A.    Return the product to the warehouse, but try to sell the product to this store and the other stores remaining on your route.
B.    Give the store manager your supervisor’s number and ask him/her to talk to your supervisor.
C.    Refuse to take the product back until after you talk to your supervisor.
D.    Return the product to the warehouse as you were asked.
E.    List some good reasons why the store should keep the product and leave it with them to see if it will sell.


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