Public Safety Industry

With our assessments you will receive:  
  • - Results within two hours
  • - EEOC & ADA Compliant Testing
  • - Validated Selection Tools
  • - Job Specific Test Designs
  • - 100% Success in Legal Defensibility
  • - Behaviorally Based Interview Guide
  • - Behaviorally Based Performance Evaluation

Select's Assessments use cutting-edge testing technology to identify the key elements needed to be successful on the job. There is much more to this profession than skills or multitasking. Our assessments measure the components (behaviors) of the job that you cannot teach or train. Our philosophy is to Hire For Behaviors and Train For Skills.

The work behaviors most crucial to a communication center's success create the standard for hiring, motivating, developing, training, and retaining employees. Selection and placement of telecommunicators and supervisors using job analysis based content and behavior causes dramatic and positive effects on employee selection, hiring, turnover, absenteeism, safety, trainability, retention, morale and overall effectiveness.

The strength behind our pre-employment assessments is the fact that they are so very job specific and measure those innate behaviors that are impossible to teach or train. This gives communication centers a unique advantage when it comes to matching applicants to likely success in the job, as well as providing valuable legal protection.