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Foodservice Customer Service Representative Sample Questions

For the purposes of this test, the mission of a Customer Service Representative is:

“To courteously and efficiently provide service to the customer, through a commitment to effective communication and excellence, which meets customer and company needs, success and growth.”

Interest & Willingness Samples:

This questionnaire lists working conditions which you must accept to become a Customer Service Representative.  Some people find customer service work is not for them because of one or more of these conditions.  Successful Customer Service Representatives find these work conditions acceptable; some representatives enjoy these conditions.

Use the following scale to show which statement best describes you:

A.    I would enjoy this work condition and I have done this before.
B.    I am willing to accept this work condition and I have done this before.
C.    I would enjoy this work condition but I have never done this before.
D.    I am willing to accept this work condition but I have never done this before.
E.    I am not willing to accept this work condition.

1.    Has good organizational skills; able to prioritize tasks
        A B C D E

2.    Able to understanding the customer needs; ability to recognize concerns
        A B C D E

3.    Ability to handle several tasks at one time
        A B C D E

Self-Rating Checklist Samples:

The following checklist has pairs of statements which describe people.  In some cases you may feel that both statements describe you, but we want you to choose from the two items in each pair, the one which best describes you.

1.  A.    Willing to maintain a professional attitude
     B.    Ability to come up with multiple solutions

2.  A.    Able to maintain quality work throughout the day
     B.    Able to listen to what the customer is really saying

3.  A.    Ability to sell company to customer
     B.    Able to keep things in perspective

4.  A.    Willing to treat everyone equally
     B.    Able to read between the lines

Critical Incident Sample Questions:

This test is a select sample of situations which Customer Service Representatives must be capable of handling.  Each item represents an actual critical incident that a Customer Service Representative either excelled or failed in the performance of the job.  This test exposes you to those situations which make a significant difference in a Customer Service Representative’s job performance and effectiveness.  Your choice of action reveals your readiness and potential to perform customer service work.


1.    A customer calls you after being shorted a critical item from their order, which they need that day.  The best thing for you to do is:

A.    Remind the customer that the company can not guarantee a delivery or for all items to be in stock.
B.    Get a courier to deliver the item to the customer.
C.    Find a local store that has the product.  Tell the customer so they can go get it and tell them you will credit their account
        for any price difference.
D.    Call the Warehouse Supervisor and let him/her deal with the problem.
E.    Politely tell the customer that you can not do anything today, but you will try to get the product to them tomorrow.

2.    One of your regular customers, whom you have known for a long time, has called in an order.  You think they have not ordered enough product.  What should you do?

A.    Read back the order to confirm the exact amount of product ordered.
B.    Order more product for the customer.
C.    Specifically ask the customer why they are ordering less product.
D.    Ask the customer if the quantities are correct.
E.    Take the order as given since they know how much product they need.

3.    You have a list of customers to call for the day and take their orders.  Several of your customers are either not ready with their order or they are not reachable.  It is almost 5:00 PM and you have several customers which you have not reached.  What should you do?

A.    Look up each customer’s (only the ones you have not reached) previous order and duplicate it so they will not run out of
B.    Leave a message with those customers you can not reach to call you with their orders or they will not get a delivery.
C.    Call everyone you can before going home.
D.    Work late to make sure you get everyone’s order.
E.    Ask another co-worker to help you.


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