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Communication Supervisor Sample Questions

For the purposes of this test, the mission of a Communication Supervisor is:

“To promote excellent service that effectively meets the needs of both employees and management with open lines of communication; while providing leadership, support, motivation and training”

Interest and Willingness Samples:

This questionnaire summarizes working conditions that list or describe the job of a Communication Supervisor.  Some people find supervisory work is not for them because of one or more of these conditions.  Successful supervisors find most of these work conditions acceptable; some even enjoy these conditions.

Use the following scale to show which one statement best describes you:

A.    I would enjoy this work condition and/or it clearly describes me
B.    I am willing to accept this work condition
C.    I am not willing to accept this work condition

1.  able to take responsibility for decisions and actions
       A.  Would Enjoy        B.  Willing        C.  Not Willing

2.  able to recognize and build strength in the team
       A.  Would Enjoy        B.  Willing        C.  Not Willing

3.  able to provide timely and consistent discipline
       A.  Would Enjoy        B.  Willing        C.  Not Willing

Self-Rating Checklist Samples:

The following checklist has pairs of statements which describe people.  In some cases you may feel that both statements describe you, but we want you to choose from the two items in each pair, the one which best describes you.

1.  A.    is invested in employee development
     B.    able to manage conflict

2.  A.    willing to take ownership of your work
     B.    able to collaborate

3.  A.    able to be discreet
     B.    able to stay focused on task at hand

4.  A.    able to know when to ask for help
     B.    willing to treat everyone the same

Critical Incident Sample Questions:

The following questions are based on actual situations you may encounter in this job.  The following questions should be answered as you would handle them.  All the information you need is in the questions.

These situations are intended to be gender neutral.  This test puts you in the role of a Communication Supervisor.  Your task is to determine the best course of action in each situation.  Keep the mission statement in mind as you answer each item.

1.    You are a hard worker and work extra-long hours.  You find it difficult to say “no” to extra work hours offered.  You are getting tired and realizing that the long hours are affecting your personal life.  What should you do?

A.    Discuss the situation with management and ask for help setting clear boundaries
B.    Stop working so much and learn to say “no” when you need to
C.    Tell management that you will quit if the other supervisors don’t pick up extra hours
D.    Talk with the other supervisors and ask them to pick up some of the extra hours
E.    Keep working long hours and be thankful you have a job

2.    A dispatcher did not show up for a mandatory overtime (OT) shift.  They were notified two weeks prior about the mandatory OT shift and this is not the first time this situation has happened.  How should you deal with this dispatcher?

A.    Give the dispatcher the benefit of the doubt as they may have forgotten
B.    Since this is a repeat offense, fire the dispatcher
C.    Talk with the dispatcher to find out why they missed their mandatory OT shift
D.    Dock them a day’s pay and then call in another dispatcher
E.    Work the shift yourself and schedule a meeting with the dispatcher to warn them about the consequences of not showing up for work

3.    You are a new supervisor and you are starting to feel overwhelmed.  You are falling behind on your work and are becoming frustrated.  How would you handle the situation?

A.    Talk to your manager and ask for help
B.    Be patient since most supervisors struggle at first
C.    Ask your trainer for more training
D.    Spend extra time at work to get the job done
E.    Do what you can within your scheduled hours and don’t worry about what’s not completed


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