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Hiring – It Doesn’t Have to be a Necessary Evil Anymore ... (managing your hiring process)

Does the thought of having to hire cause you anxiety?  Considering that a bad job fit can cost a company up to two or three times the employee's annual salary (including lost productivity, absenteeism, and turnover), not to mention that a bad job fit has human costs as well (stress, frustration, and conflict); it's no wonder that hiring is viewed as a necessary evil.  It doesn't have to be!

There is a proven process that can reduce workers' compensation claims by half, and significantly increase your hiring retention results.

Select Advantage's assessments consist of three methods of measuring applicants against a behavioral standard and determining who has the right mix of work sense, values, and habits to excel at your organization.  Together this can dramatically enhance the decisions you make each time you hire.

1.        Work Interest and Willingness Compatibility

This part of the assessment empowers each applicant with clear, detailed information regarding the values, culture, and expectations of the work.  Many performance, morale, and turnover problems result from a mismatch of worker values to the expectations created by the work and its culture.  By allowing each applicant the opportunity to assess themselves against these work values, you can eliminate many of these problems early in the employment process. 

2.       Self Description

Applicants can provide valuable information regarding the critical work behaviors which will predict their performance on the job.  Select Advantage uses a simple forced-choice format which allows each applicant to describe themselves with critical work behaviors.  Here, the applicant is forced to choose between two apparently critical work behaviors, and select the one behavior that best describes him or herself. 

This method of sampling critical work behaviors allows for the inclusion of work habits, attitudes, and character that affect the day-to-day performance of every worker. Applicants can and will give you this critical information. The key is how you ask.

3.       Work Related Judgments

All jobs involve situations which the worker can affect either positively or negatively, depending on how they respond.  The Select Advantage assessment can predict applicant's performance on the job by placing them in these critical situations and measuring the effect of their work judgment on the job.  Here, applicant knowledge, skill, and/or ability is measured in the context of the work and factored into the equation of who is best qualified.

The Bottom Line

Pre-knowledge of an applicant's likely level of success at a job has obvious value - even if you hire everyone who applies.  However, by being selective and restricting hiring decisions to high performing applicants, you have the power to dramatically improve your workforce productivity and effectiveness.  

Select Advantage's careful attention to the validity of their assessments ensures meaningful increases in the performance of workers as the employer becomes more selective in whom they hire.  One of the greatest impacts a company can have on retention is to make sure they hire the right employees in the first place.



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