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Don't just take our word for it... Try it for free before you buy!

We will give you free access to our tests for an evaluation of your current employees.  No contracts and no obligation to purchase.

Simply choose a few of your “absolute best” employees and a few of your “plenty of room to improve” employees, give them the assessment, and let us give you the results.  

Select Advantage will show you just how we pin-point your elite employees.  Then you’ll know that you are selecting the best candidates when you implement our assessments during the hiring or promotional process.

How to get started:

  • Call or email Select Advantage and ask for your free kit.
  • Give the assessment to your chosen group of employees.
  • Talk with your Select Advantage consultant to review results.

Our unique assessments offer results, unable to be achieved with other industry tests, transforming your workforce into the most efficient team possible.  The job specificity of the assessments, the flexibility of our delivery methods, our rapid result turn-around times, and our easy 24 x 7 online access, makes Select Advantage the premier choice for your pre-employment testing needs.  It would be our pleasure to partner with your agency.  

This free, no obligation trial gives you hands-on experience with our assessments, while giving you the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of our assessments in your environment.  Let us prove to you that the next time you hire, our assessments will help you hire those applicants most likely to succeed.


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