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Rethinking Recruiting ... (you will be shocked at the power of hiring the right people)

Rethinking Recruiting

People are the greatest asset in any organization.  The most important opportunity management has to impact the organizational mission is the selection of people.

Rethink Your Ad

I would like to challenge this thought process for a moment and attempt to stretch your paradigm. Stop and think about this for a minute—why do the people who work for you now show up for work each day?  Try it!  Ask some of your better employees what they like most about their job, and you may be surprised by their answers. These are the components that should be included and highlighted when you are "selling the job".  I guarantee that there are applicants out there who seek these and other motivators that the position provides.  Make people see the job in a new light.

Rethink Skills

I’m not suggesting you throw your common sense out the window, like abandoning your minimum job requirements. Obviously, the position requires some skills; however, I am simply suggesting that you seriously consider the message you are communicating to potential candidates.  Having a skill set does not determine consistency in performance. Instead, a behaviorally based screening tool identifies the innate behaviors that make top performers successful.

Rethink Screening 

The screening process is sometimes referred to as a “necessary evil”. Something every organization needs to have but very few actually enjoy going through the process. A thorough screening process can include any or all of the following steps: selling the job, application, resume, written assessments, skills tests, interview, background check and industry specific requirements. Even the most thorough screening process costs less than hiring one wrong person.  In an economy with scarce number of applicants, it is tempting to lower the bar to get more applicants through the process, but screening the right applicants into your process is more important now than ever.

In summary, take some time to review your advertisement and make sure the message you are communicating is the message you intend to communicate. Talk with your better employees and see what they love most about their job and incorporate those motivators into your ability to sell the job. Do not settle for skills only; think outside the box, there is more to the job than just skills. Now is the time to be thorough and uncover possible job mismatches before you add the wrong person to your payroll.​​

You will be shocked at the power of hiring the right people.

Behaviorally based, job specific, assessments for your industry are available from Select Advantage. These will help you move the right applicants forward in your hiring process, ultimately reducing time spent in recruiting because you’ve got people who possess the behaviors necessary to be successful in the position. We can also help you review your job ad. 


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