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Why Skills Based Testing May Not Be Enough In Your Hiring Process ... (are you looking at EVERYTHING required for success?)

Skills based testing has long been recognized as an essential component of the hiring process. The problem is even the most technical job is, at best, 30% technical. Even if there was a perfect match of the skill test to the job, there would still be 70% of the job that had not been measured. Skills tests tend to have limitations on content validity and selection ratio, resulting in very low utility at predicting job performance.

Select Advantage has created behavior-based worker competency assessments that offer a new level of insight into the hiring process. These assessments sample from the entire domain of work behaviors and distinguish superior workers. The high validity and selection ratios present in these assessments translate into high success at selecting superior workers.

An Enhanced Screening Process

Ultimately the screening process should net the best candidates available in the applicant pool. Ironically, most steps in the process are designed to weed the wrong people out. Using a tool to screen the right people into the next part of your process will result in a final selection panel containing candidates who are all a fit for the job. Then, the oral interview process can select and confirm the individual who best fits the positive culture of the organization.

The assessments from Select Advantage sample and measure the work behaviors that cause differences in job performance. A thorough attention to the criteria of job success (job analysis) and careful representation of these criteria in the content of the tests results in greater predictability than other tests. These assessments also predict performance better than other tests because they are only utilized for specific jobs. These are not “canned tests” that have been normalized for your work environment. They are designed to measure performance in a specific job, which makes them more powerful, predictive, and defensible.

Hire for Behaviors, Train for Skills

Skills-based testing is a vital piece to the hiring process, but many skills can be taught or trained later, and success on the job involves so much more than just skills. Using a behavior-based test enables those in charge of hiring to screen in the best possible applicants: those who are more likely to excel at the job.

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The principals of Select Advantage combined have over 100 years of experience in the areas of Test Development, Consulting, Hiring, and Training. This innovative consulting firm partners with clients to ensure their human capital practices are compliant, relevant and strategic. The job specific assessments provided use cutting-edge testing technology to assist with employee selection, placement, promotion and hiring.


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